Editing Path Variables

This procedure describes how to Use Path Variables in a Project Context


To enable the Path Variables menu make sure the topmost node is selected in the Guard Explorer.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To do add a new Path Variable

  1. Go to Project | Path Variables

  2. Click Add.
    A new dialog called "Enter New Variable will be displayed.

  3. Enter the Variable Name - Select a name that will be meaningful to the Projects context.
    Note: variable names should not include empty spaces and slashes, use underscores or uppercase characters to separate between names.

  4. Use the Browse button to locate the folder.

  5. Click OK to save and close the variable.

A new variable will be added to the list of the project's available variables.

Once the variable has been added the new content can be added to the Project.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To add new content to the project:

  1. Go to the Guard Explorer and select the Project folder (the topmost node in the tree).

  2. Right Click on the project folder to open a menu.

  3. Select Add File or Folder (depending on the content that you want to add).
    The "Open File/Folder" Dialog is displayed.

  4. Select the option "Specify path using variables, like $(var)".

  5. Select the variable from the list and click OK to save and close.

The new File/Folder will be added to the Guard Explorer

Project Variables can also be edited and removed from the project settings.

Editing and removing is only enabled after a Project Variable has been added to the project.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To Edit/Remove Path Variables from a Project:

  1. Select the topmost node in the Guard Explorer.

  2. Go to Project | Path Variables.

  3. Select a variable form the list and Click Edit to open the Edit dialog and modify the variables name -or- remove to delete the variable from the project.

After clicking OK the changes will be immediately applied to the Guard Explorer.


Changing a Variable name to a name that does not exist will remove the file/folder from the Guard Explorer, renaming the file back to the correct name will restore the file/folder to the explorer.
Also, removing a variable from the variables list will also delete the content from the project.



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