Encoding with the Zend Guard allows developers to encode their PHP script at any time during the development process. More importantly, this enables code to be encoded prior to distribution or publishing.

Zend Guard optimizes secures and licenses PHP code to:

Expedited at Run-time

Zend Guard optimizes PHP code, this results in faster execution and reduces the server's CPU load. The files are encoded and optimized, eliminating run-time compiling and reducing the number of run-time processing steps.


Zend Guard saves code in a closed Zend Intermediate Code format. This is a platform-independent binary code. It provides protection against tampering with the original source file, reverse engineering and copyright infringement. This is the key to creating exclusive software solutions and protected commercial PHP applications.

License Requirements

These enable you to specify the license level which is then encoded into the file itself. There are three encoding options:

Encoding determines the license level. Specific licensing details, such as the scope of a license, are determined during license generation.

No Obfuscation

Encoding is done by default even if there is no obfuscation method selected.

The option: "Work only with Encoded Files" requires that files be called only by other encoded files. This option offers additional protection from hacking and reverse-engineering.

The files are in a platform-independent format that can be deployed on all supported platforms with Zend Optimizer installed on their server. For details on supported platforms, see Zend's online system requirements at: http://www.zend.com/store/products/zend-guard-sysreq.php.


Encoded files which have obfuscated local variables only are compatible with Zend Optimizer version 2.6 and above.
Encoded files which have obfuscated variables and also have obfuscated functions, classes and/or PHP Internal symbols require the latest version of Zend Optimizer (PHP4 Optimizer 3.0 and above; PHP5 Optimizer 3.3 and above).
The Zend Optimizer is available free of charge, from: http://www.zend.com/downloads.



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