Workspace Overview

Zend Guard's user interface is organized into 3 views (Guard Explorer, Project Editor and Monitoring). The Explorer is used to navigate through Zend Guard project files; the Project Editor is used to set and edit project configurations; the monitoring view displays editing issues while they occur and system messages when encoding projects.

Zend Guard GUI

Guard Explorer

This view is organized in the form of a browser tree. It contains all of your Zend Guard Projects, the projects' directories and the project files.

Project Area

The Project view is used to manage Zend Guard projects from a technical standpoint. It is where the project is named, sources are added, encoding, obfuscation and security parameters are set, etc.

 Project View

The Project view includes the following five tabs:

Suggestion List

Monitoring Area

The Monitoring Area view lists all Errors and Warnings in the Zend Guard Project including an explanation of each, the specific file that generated each error/warning and the line numbers within the file that caused the error/warning.

The area contains three tags:

Problem View



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