Command Line

The processes described in this section describe how to manually set configurations for encoding and license generation.


The option to generate an XML configuration file was introduced to replace the need to use the command line for encoding projects. Using the XML file option instead of the command line creates a portable file containing your encoding and license settings. This file can be easily distributed to other servers to provide a unified way to quickly apply your preferences to multiple environments.

Depending on user preferences, encoding and license generation can be done using the command-line to run the following commands inside the command shell.

  • zendenc55
    The command-line version of Zend Guard for encoding PHP 5.5 files.

  • zendenc56
    The command-line version of Zend Guard for encoding PHP 5.6 files.

  • zendenc_sign
    The command-line version of Zend Guard's licensing tab for creating a signature license file from a license definition file.

These binaries are located in the plugin called "com.zend.guard.core.resources.<OS version>_7.x.x.xxxxxxxx and can be referenced from there.

The plugin is located in your installation directory under: <install_dir>\Zend\Zend Guard -7.0.x\plugins\com.zend.guard.core.resources.<OS version>\resources.


For examples of how to use CLI commands for encoding and licensing, please refer to the following pages: