Overriding Project Preferences

This procedure describes how to override the default preferences that are set in: Edit | Preferences.

Override preferences is only done to existing projects.

The override feature is used when configurations different than the ones defined in the Project should be applied to a resource (file or folder). One of the benefits of this option is when a certain pattern is selected that includes a file name. For example; if you choose to exclude the pattern test*.php and you have a file called contest.php the file will also be excluded. Applying the override option to a selected file will remove the association with the exclude settings.


Preferences can be changed per folder or single file. This option is useful for cases where a certain file or folder contains different characteristics.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To Override Project Preferences

  1. Open the Project in the Guard Explorer

  2. Click on a File or Folder
    A blank Overview Tab will be displayed with a single option: "Override Project Configuration".

  3. Click this option.
    Configuration Options will be enabled.

  4. Set the configuration options for the selected file or folder

  5. To save the changes, go to the main toolbar and click Save.

Repeat this process for each file and folder that required unique settings (different than the default Project preferences).