XML Editing Tab

This tab displays the entire project configuration file in editable XML format. All options can be viewed and edited manually, if required.

See also - Manual Encoding using the GuardEngine command.


Please take human error into consideration when editing the XML file and check that there are no mistakes that could cause encoding to fail. The best practice is to use the Guard application UI for manipulating your project, and review the changes in the XML tab.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To generate an XML file for an open project:

  1. In the Overview tab, click the Link "Export Parameters File".

    The "Parameters File" dialog will open.

    You can also get there by clicking "File" menu, then "Export", and select "Parameters File", then click "Next".

  2. Select a project from the list.

  3. In the "Save Parameters File As:" field click browse to specify the location for storing the XML file.

  4. Click Finish to export the XML parameters file.


As a quick alternative - copy the XML tab content to a new simple text file, then save with .xml extension.

Once the file has been created, it can be run with the GuardEngine command. This can be done on the local machine or on alternative machine, for example, a headless server with Guard installed for automated builds or as a licensing backend.



The XML editing ability is working best for automated encoding or multi-projects of a similar aspects, replacing some sources and even PHP version (must be supported by the version of Guard).


See Manual Encoding for instructions on how to manually run GuardEngine command with the XML parameters file.