This procedure describes how to debug an event from inside Zend Server using Zend Studio. Debugging from inside an event provides an additional diagnostics layer in order to investigate why a specific event was triggered.


Before following this procedure make sure that  Zend Server and Zend Studio are running and properly setup. See Setting Up Debugging for more information.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To Debug an event:

  1. In the UI,go to Monitoring | Events, and select an event from the Events list by clicking on the event's ID number to view the Event Details page.

  1. In the Zend Studio Diagnostics area at the bottom of the page, click .
    By default, the settings are set to run diagnostic actions on the originating server (the server on which the event was created). You can change the settings to run on a different server.

  1. The information will be transferred to the Zend Studio PHP Debug preference where you can run debug and edit the file.

If this did not work, see the Troubleshooting section.