Support Tool

The Zend Support Tool gathers server configurations and setup information.

The gathered information is used to help Zend's support team to troubleshoot support issues and provide comprehensive and efficient support.

Collected Information

In general, the information collected is defined in the definition file. If, for security reasons, you do not want to disclose specific information, you can edit the file to not include that information. However, the more information the support team can access, the better the chance of quickly resolving support-related issues.


To run the support tool:

  • Select option 3, Run Support Tool, in the Setup Menu.
    The default location for saving the files is:


The definition file is located in:


This file contains the definitions for which files and directories to collect. Through this file, you can also define the name that will be used to create the archive, in case you do not want to use the default name.