What's New in Zend Server 9.1

This page will introduce you to the “latest and greatest” additions to Zend Server 9.1.

For deeper review on each new feature, please follow the links below to the elaborated feature pages.

See earlier version info: What's New in Zend Server 9.0

Introducing Support For PHP 7.1

Zend Server 9.1 ships with a certified and secure PHP 7.1 stack which also includes the largest amount of tested PHP extensions and libraries. All of Zend Server’s features and components, have been fine-tuned to make sure you can easily test your PHP 7.1 code on Zend Server. Still on PHP 5.x? You should upgrade to PHP 7.1, to benefit from extraordinary performance improvements!

For more information, check php.net reference page for Migrating from PHP 7.0.x to PHP 7.1.x.

Job Queue Pulse

Zend Job Queue allows to execute asynchronously and time-consuming jobs (e.g. credit card processing, printing, emails, etc.) apart from the user requests, removing application bottlenecks, with faster response time and better application performance.

Job Queue Pulse collects and visualizes analytical information, insights and monitoring over the whole Job Queue system. Using Job Queue Pulse, you can better optimize, analyze and fine tune asynchronous and scheduled Jobs processing. The result is better resources utilization and improved end-user customer experience


Job Queue Pulse Page:

For more information, check the Job Queue Pulse reference page.

Masking Personally Identifiable Information

With new Privacy feature, it is now very easy to prevent Zend Server from collecting data classified as personally Identifiable Information (PII), personal sensitive data or commercially sensitive data. You can now define a set of rules to determine which data needs to be masked by Zend Server's troubleshooting components, before it is stored or persisted. This new capability affects the all of Zend Server's deep data-collecting components, including Code Tracing, Monitoring and Z-Ray. You can now reproduce production issues while staying compliant with industry privacy standards.


Data Masking rules page:

Data Masking Rules

For more information, check the Privacy -> Data Masking reference page.

100% Uptime Deployment

Improve your end-user experience with 100% uptime during application updates in production. Zend Server Deployment is now offers a new Hot Deployment option, allowing a full update of applications without any web server restart. Are you rolling rapid updates of your applications? You can now deploy a lot more frequently without the downside of web server downtime.

For more information, check the Deployment Settings reference page.

New Zend DBi

Zend Server on IBMi is bundled with the new Zend DBi (MariaDB).

Zend DBi is part of the enterprise-ready PHP technology stack for IBM I, which allows users to leverage open and industry-standard solutions, while keeping their web and mobile workloads on existing IBM i systems where databases, business logic, and legacy applications reside. Now it is bundled with Zend Server.

Zend Server UI Extensibility

The Zend Server UI now features an extensibility API, allowing you to add additional screens that can help you manage your Web deployment. The API is fully documented, with both a plugin and samples to get you started.

Additional Notable Changes and Improvements


  • Auto-hiding main side menu of Zend Server admin console
  • Improved Z-Ray loading times with optimized JS loading
  • Updated apps and frameworks for PHP 7.1 support
  • Functions Profiler: improve code by analyzing function level information
  • Assign Zend Server Setup Name for easier management of multiple Zend Server environments
  • Improved Data Cache capabilities – with cluster-wide invalidation support using the extension PHP API
  • Monitoring Settings changes (better Route and components control)
  • Moved MyISAM-based tables to use InnoDB for better support for DB backup and complying with modern standards (e.g. cloud providers)
  • Added the ability to set “From” address for Zend Server outgoing emails in Administration Settings Page under Mail Settings tab
  • Job Queue enhancement with visualization of failed jobs’ retries under Job Queue -> Jobs page


Enjoy the new Zend Server 9.1 and PHP 7.1 features and benefits!