Developing Mobile Applications with Zend Studio

This tutorial will describe how to use the Zend Studio Cloud Connected Mobile (CCM) tool to develop mobile applications.

Tutorial Content

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • To create a new CCM project in Zend Studio - Create a new CCM project containing a mobile application and a server-side Apigility project.
  • To configure APIs using Apigility - Test APIs, add documentation. For additional information, see Apigility Integration in Zend Studio.
  • To design and preview the GUI of your mobile application - Use the provided code snippets to design your mobile application.
  • To create and test an Android native application - Run the application on an Android emulator, and export the application package.


  • Zend Studio 12.0 or above which can be downloaded from the Zend Studio Downloads page. For information on installation, see the Zend Studio Installation Guide.
  • Valid deployment server (e.g., local or remote Zend Server, OpenShift, etc.). For information on adding servers, see Adding PHP Servers.

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