Adding a Local Zend Server

Adding a Local Zend Server allows you to deploy your application on your local server.


  • Zend Server and Zend Studio installed on the same machine.


The Zend Server deployment feature is only available on Apache servers. Deploying on IIS is currently not supported.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To add a Local Zend Server:

  1. From the Menu bar,  select Window | Show View | PHP Servers to add the PHP Servers view to your perspective.

  1. In the PHP Servers view, click on the Add icon .
    The PHP Server Creation dialog is displayed.

  1. Select Local Zend Server, and click Next.
    The Configure a Local Zend Server dialog is displayed.

  1. Enter a server name, and click Finish to add the local Zend Server.
    The Zend Server credentials dialog is displayed.

  1. Enter your Zend Server UI user name and password, and click OK.
    Zend Studio validates the new local Zend Server and adds it to the PHP Servers view.

Your new local Zend Server is ready to be used for deploying PHP applications. For additional server settings, such as debugger and path mapping, use the Edit Server wizard. For more information, see Editing PHP Servers.