Automatic Completion

Zend Studio can be set to automatically complete certain types of patterns. To use the auto-complete function, type the opening character of the pattern in the editor and press Enter. The pattern will be automatically completed by the relevant characters being inserted.


The types of patterns that can be auto-completed can be configured from the Typing Preferences page, accessible by going to Window | Preferences | PHP | Editor | Typing.

The following types of patterns can be auto-completed:

  • "Strings" - Automatically inserts a pair of double quotes.

  • (Parentheses) and [Square] brackets - Automatically inserts a pair of brackets.

  • {Braces} - Automatically inserts a pair of curly brackets

  • PHPDoc and comment regions - Automatically inserts the "/** **\ " PHPDoc characters.

  • Close PHP Tag (?>)

  • Add "php" after PHP start tag (<?)

  • Adjust indentation when pasting

  • Tab key indents
    Click here for more on creating PHPDoc comments.