Breakpoints View [PHP Debug Perspective]

The Breakpoints view displays and allows you to monitor and control the breakpoints set in the files being debugged.

Breakpoints View

Toolbar Commands




Remove Selected Breakpoints

Removes the selected Breakpoints from the file.

Remove All Breakpoints

Removes all Breakpoints from the file.

Show Breakpoints Supported By Selected Targets

If selected, only breakpoints supported by the current 'debug target' will be displayed. For example, iIf a PHP file is being debugged, only PHP breakpoints will be displayed.

Go to File for Breakpoint

Opens the resource in which the breakpoint is located.

Skip All Breakpoints

If selected, all breakpoints will be skipped and execution will not stop.

Expand All

Expands all items in the list.

Collapse All

Collapses all items in the list.

Link with Debug View

If selected, clicking a breakpoint will link with the Debug view.


Menu Commands

The view's menu can be accessed through the view menu icon .





Group By

  • Breakpoints

  • Breakpoint Types

  • Breakpoint Working Sets

  • Files

  • Projects

  • Resource Working Sets

  • Advanced

Select/Deselect Default Working Set

Allows you to choose the default breakpoint working set from the Default Working Set dialog.

Working Sets


Opens the Working Sets dialog.


The Breakpoints View [PHP Debug Perspective] is displayed by default as part of the Debug Perspective. To manually open the view, go to Window | Show View | Other | Debug | Breakpoints.