Browser Preferences

The Internal Web Browser allows you to open a browser inside of your environment. The Internal Web Browser is only available in the Web Browser Tools Perspective. To open it go to Window | Open Perspective | Web Browser Tools. To open a web page in the browser click Open a URL in the Mozilla Browser from the main toolbar.

The Browser Preferences page is accessed from Window | Preferences | Browser.

Browser Preferences Page

The Browser Preferences page allows you to control how popup Windows in your Internal Web Browser will be handled.

The options for handling popup windows are:

  • Open in new browser editor - Opens the popup window in a new browser editor allowing the use of the browser tools.

  • Open as a dialog - Opens the popup window in a separate window.

  • Ignore - Does not open the popup window.

  • Prompt - Allows you to choose whether to Open as Editor, Open as Dialog, or Ignore for each popup window the browser detects.