Creating a New Project From GitHub

GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system.

Zend Studio allows you to create a new PHP project by importing an existing GitHub project.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To create a new GitHub project in Zend Studio:

  1. In the menu-bar, go to File | New | PHP Project from GitHub.
    The New PHP Project from GitHub wizard is displayed.

  1. Enter the following information:

    • Project Name: Enter the name of your project.
    • Location: Enter the location folder for your project.
    • PHP Server: By default, the default PHP web server is selected.
      To select a different server, deselect the check-box, and click the drop-down menu to select an existing server for deploying the new server project, or click Add Server to create a new server. For information on adding new servers, see Managing PHP Servers.
    • User: Enter your GitHub username.
    • Password: Enter your GitHub password.
  1. Click Refresh.
    Zend Studio retrieves all the associated repositories.

  2. Click the Repository drop-down menu, and select a repository from the list. To create a new GitHub repository, click Create Repository.
    The URI field will automatically display the repository URL.
  1. Click Finish.
    The new project will be created in your workspace and displayed in the PHP Explorer View