Creating a New PHP Project from a Remote Server

This procedure describes how to create a new PHP project from a remote server. A PHP remote project allows you to develop your project locally, with the option of remote testing and integration.

Important Note:

Creating a new PHP Remote Project can only be carried out if the project already exists on the remote server. To create a new project that does not exist on the remote server yet, create a PHP project and then enable it as a PHP Remote Project.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To create a new PHP remote project:

  1. Go to File | New | Other | PHP | PHP Project from Remote Server
    - Or - In the PHP Explorer view, right-click and select New | Other | PHP | PHP Project from Remote Server.
    The New PHP Project from Remote Server dialog opens.

  1. Enter the following information:

  • Project name - The required project name.

  • Location - The required location for the new project. Select whether to:
    • Create a new project in the workspace - Creates a new PHP project in the workspace directory.
      By default a workspace will have been created in @user.home/Zend/workspaces/DefaultWorkspace when you first launched Zend Studio.

    •  Create a project from existing source - Creates a PHP project pointing to files situated outside of the workspace. Click Browse to select the required source content.

  • Remote Connection - Select an existing remote connection, or click Manage to create a new Remote Connection. See Adding a Remote Connection Profile for more information on adding a new remote connection.
  • Project Directory - Enter the project directory root on the remote host server. Entering / will instruct Zend Studio to display all folders relative to the initial directory root.
  • Project URL - Enter the project URL, relative to the initial directory.
  1. Click Next.
    The Data Download Selection dialog is displayed.

  1. Expand the Project Directory to see all the folders within it that will also be transferred.

  2. Select the folders you want to download from the remote server by selecting the check-box next to the folder name.

  3. Click on a selected folder to view the files included in the folder.
    The individual files can also be selected/unselected to download from the remote server. By default, all files within a folder are selected.
    On this page you can also:

  • Filter Types - Opens the Inclusion and Exclusion Patterns dialog. For more information see Working with Inclusion and Exclusion Patterns.

  • Select All - Selects all the folders and files.

  • Deselect All - Deselects all the folders and files.

  1. Click Finish.
     The selected files are downloaded and the new PHP Remote Project with Remote Server Support is created.

The new PHP project will be created in your workspace and displayed in the PHP Explorer View.

You can now start to develop your application by creating PHP Files or adding other resources to your project.

All tasks you perform while working with Remote Server Support will appear in the Console view. Checking the Console view is the most efficient way to ensure that the action has been completed as you have requested. It will also show any problems that occurred during the task.