Creating a Zend Table File

This procedure describes how to create a new Zend Table file.

A Zend Table is a class for working with the "model" portion of the model-view-controller pattern. The Zend Table manages the information and data manipulation in your application.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To create a new Zend Table file:

  1. In PHP Explorer view, right-click the models folder in your Zend Framework Project and select New | Zend Framework Item | Zend Table.
    The New Zend Table Wizard will be displayed.

  1. The default location for the file will be in the application's 'models' folder.
    Click Browse next to the Source Folder field to change the location.

  2. Edit the file name.

  3. Click Next.
    The Select PHP Template dialog is displayed.

  1. Select a template upon which the table is to be based, and click Finish.

A new Zend Table file will be created with the Zend Table template.

The new file will be displayed in the MVC Outline view.