Creating a Zend Module File

Zend Framework MVC files should be created within a Zend Module, which enables you to easily group your MVC files according to your application's components. This will help you organize your Zend Framework Project structure.

One Zend Module, entitled 'default', will be automatically created within the Zend Framework project. Further Zend Modules can be created to group your MVC files according to your needs.


When working with Zend Framework files, you should open the Zend Framework perspective by going to Window | Open Perspective | Zend Framework.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To create a Zend Module:

  1. In PHP Explorer view, right-click the Zend Framework project in which you want to create the Zend Module and select New | Other | Zend Framework | Zend Module.
    The New Zend Module wizard will open.

New Zend Module Wizard


  1. The folder in which the Zend Module should be created is the project's 'application' folder. If necessary, click Browse to change the Source Folder.

  2. In the Module name category, enter a name for the new Zend Module.

  3. Leave the 'Update front controller module folder' checkbox marked to add a line in the bootstrap file that specifies the new module.

  4. Click Finish.
    The new Zend module is created and automatically updated in the 'application.config.php' file (config folder).

The new Zend Module will be created in your project and will be displayed in the MVC Outline view, represented by an orange square . It is based on Zend Framework 2 module skeleton. See the Zend Framework documentation for information on the module structure.