Debug View [PHP Debug Perspective]

The Debug view displays the stack trace and allows you to monitor and control the Debugging process.

Debug View [PHP Debug Perspective]

Toolbar Commands




Remove Terminated Launches

Remove any terminated debug sessions from the list.


Continue the debugging process until the next breakpoint, or until the end of the debugging process.


Stop the debugging process.

Step Into

Step into the next method call at the currently executing line of code.

Step Over

Step over the next method call (without entering it) at the currently executing line of code. The method will still be executed.

Step Return

Return from a method which has been stepped into. The remainder of the code that was skipped by returning is still executed.

Use Step Filters

Enables/disables the step filters functionality.


The Debug View [PHP Debug Perspective] is displayed by default as part of the Debug Perspective. To manually open the view, go to Window | Show View | Other | Debug | Debug.