Editing PHP Library Components or Folders

This procedure describes how to edit user library folders. Edit a user library folder when you have imported a folder who's original location is different from its content's location on your disk. For more information see Importing PHP User Libraries.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To edit a library component:

  1. Go to Window | Preferences | PHP | PHP Libraries.

  2. In the PHP Libraries Preferences page select the user library folder to edit and click Edit...
    The "Edit External folder" dialog will open.

  3. Select the folder that contains the user library content, or create a new folder by clicking Make a New Folder.

  4. To apply changes click OK.

You have now edited your user library's URL which will import the content from the proper location on the disk.


If the imported location of the selected file you are editing is different than the new location, the new location will overwrite it.