Editing PHP User Libraries

This procedure describes how to edit user libraries. You will need to edit a user library when you would like to change it's name. Changing a library's name allows you to create descriptive differentiations between your libraries. In order to edit a library, there must be libraries available. For more information see Importing PHP User Libraries or Adding a PHP Library.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To edit a user library:

  1. Go to Window | Preferences | PHP | PHP Libraries.

  2. In the PHP Libraries Preferences page select the user library you would like to edit and click Edit...
    The "Edit User Library" dialog will open.

  3. Enter the user library name in the "User Library Name:" text field.

  4. In order to add the given user library to your environment you must select the "Add to environment" box. Otherwise your library will be added on a project level.

  5. To apply changes click OK.

You have now edited your user library. To edit a folder within your library see Editing PHP Library Components or Folders.