Ensuring the Placement of dummy.php

In order for the remote server's debugger to communicate with Zend Studio, a file called 'dummy.php' must be located in your server's document root.

With the default  Zend Server installation, a 'dummy.php' file will have been automatically placed in your server's document root folder.

If you installed the standalone Zend Debugger, you must copy the 'dummy.php' file from the Zend Debugger archive to your server's document root.


If you have set up a virtual host and its document root is not pointed at the remote server's default document root, you will have to copy the 'dummy.php' to the virtual host's document root in order to be able to debug on that virtual host.

You must also ensure that the Dummy File name is set to 'dummy.php' in Zend Studio.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To check your dummy file configuration in Zend Studio:

  1. Open the Installed Debugger Preferences page by going to Windows| Preferences | PHP | Debug | Installed Debuggers.

  2. In the Installed Debuggers list, select the Zend Debugger and click Configure.
    The Zend Debugger Settings dialog will open.

  3. In the Dummy File Name setting, ensure 'dummy.php' is entered.


If you changed the name of the dummy file on the server, you must change this entry accordingly.

  1. Click OK.