Exporting JavaScript User Libraries

This procedure describes how to export JavaScript user libraries, making them accessible to whoever has access to the repository where it is stored. Exporting a JavaScript user library will only export a description of the library in .xml format, and will not include any of the library's content.

Important Note:

Before configuring any settings for JavaScript libraries make sure JavaScript support is enabled in your project. Select Configure from the right click menu of you project in your project directory and select Convert to JavaScript Project. If that option does not appear then JavaScript support has already been enabled.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To export a user library:

  1. Go to Window | Preferences | JavaScript | Include Path | User Libraries.
    The User Libraries Preferences page opens.

  1. In the JavaScript Libraries Preferences page select the user library you would like to export and click Export...
    The "Export User Libraries" dialog will open.

  2. Select the library you would like to export by clicking the check box beside it. You may also use the Select All or the Deselect All buttons.

  3. To choose where you would like to export your library to, fill in the "File location:" text field with the URL, or click Browse... and select the location.

  4. To apply changes click OK.

Your user library has now been exported to the location you specified.

You may now import the exported user libraries from any location that has access to the location in which it is stored. For more information see Importing JavaScript User Libraries.