Expressions View [PHP Debug Perspective]

The Expressions view will not open by default when a debugging session is launched, but only when you have selected to watch a variable or create a watch expression.

To watch a variable, right-click a variable in the editor or from the variables view and select Watch or Add Watch Expression. The Expressions view will open and the variable will be added to it. The variable's information will be updated as the debugging process continues.


To manually open the Expressions view, go to Window | Show View | Debug | Expressions.

The Expressions view allows you to monitor certain variables which you have decided to 'watch' during the debugging process. Selecting a variable will display details in the detail pane below the view. Expanding the list under a variable will display its fields.

Expressions View

Toolbar Commands




Show Type Names

Displays type names

Show Logical Structure

Displays the logical structure.

Collapse All

Collapses the list.


Menu Commands

The view's menu can be accessed through the view menu icon .





Defines the view's layout:

  • Vertical View Orientation - The details pane will be displayed at the bottom of the Variables view.

  • Horizontal View Orientation - The details pane will be displayed to the right of the Variables view.

  • Expressions View Only - Only the Watched Variables pane  will be displayed.