Help Menu

The Help menu allows access to the most updated information on all aspects of Zend Studio, as well as allowing access to software updates and registration locations so that you can get the most out of the product.


The options available from the Help menu are:







Opens the welcome page containing the latest news from Zend as well as access to a range of tutorials for using Zend Studio functionality.

Help Contents


Opens the Online Help page.



Opens a Search view for searching the online Help manual.

Dynamic Help


Opens Help Topics relevant to the current action in the workspace.

Key Assist...


Opens a list of all shortcut keys for Zend Studio functionality.

Tips and Tricks...


Opens the Tips and Tricks Help page for the Eclipse Platform and Eclipse Plug-In Development Environment.

Cheat Sheets...


Allows you to open a cheat sheet with quick explanations on how to carry out a variety of functions.Click here for more on cheat sheets. - (need to find proper link)

Software Updates


Find and install - Searches for available software updates.

Manage Configuration - Opens a dialog allowing you to manage Zend Studio 's configurations.



Allows you to enter your Zend Studio license key to enable Zend Studio functionality. For more on purchasing a Zend Studio license, see the Zend Studio site.

Note: System i users can register for a free i5 Edition of Zend Studio. See i5 Edition Extras for more information.

Zend Studio Support Center


Redirects you to the Zend Online Support Center.

Send Feedback



Opens the Zend feedback site to allow you to send feedback and comments on the product directly to Zend.

Tip of the Day


Opens the Tip of the Day window.

Support Tool


Saves a support file.

Check for Updates


Searches for available software updates.

Install New Software...


Installs available software updates.


Get a License


Connects you to the Zend Studio site at to learn more about purchasing a license and enabling Zend Studio functionality.

Protect your PHP Code!


Directs you to the Zend Guard site at

Zend Guard protects your applications from reverse engineering and unauthorized customization by providing encoding and obfuscation.

See Zend Guard Integration for more information.

Speed up your PHP Site!


Directs you to the Zend Server site at Server is the only PHP Web application server that supports the enterprise reliability and comprehensive performance features organizations need for business-critical applications.

See Zend Server Integration for more information.



Un-registers your licensed Zend Studio.

About Zend Studio


Opens the About dialog, displaying information about the current version of Zend Studio.