Importing a project from Git

Once projects are placed on the Git repository, they can be cloned (imported) by anyone with access to that repository. Git repository connections allow you to import projects from your repository to your workspace, which you can make and upload changes to.

This procedure describes how to c projects from a Git repository location to your desktop.


If you have resources on your file system which are already linked to Git, you can access them in Zend Studio by following the instructions under Accessing an Existing Git Repository


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Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To clone a project from a Git repository:

  1. Go to File | Import | Git | Projects from Git.

  2. Click Next.
    The Select a Git Repository dialog appears.

  1. Select your repository.
    If you have not yet created a repository, you can clone a repository or search and add a new one from your file system.

  1. Click Next.
    The Select a Wizard dialog appears.

  1. Select Import existing projects and click Next.
    The Import Projects dialog appears.

  1. Click Finish.


  1. In the Select a Wizard dialog , select Use the New Projects Wizard and click Finish.
    The New Project wizard opens.

  1. Complete the New Project wizard.

The project will now be imported into your workspace.
Note that the project will have a Git repository icon in your PHP explorer view.

Once you have imported a project from Git into your workspace, you can now add files, edit existing files and commit your changes to the Git repository.


Projects can also be checked out from Git through the Git Repository Exploring perspective, accessible from Open Perspective | Other | Git Repository Exploring. Simply right-click the project in Git Repositories view and select Fetch..