Importing JavaScript User Libraries

This procedure describes how to import existing JavaScript user libraries that are on the disk or in a repository. This allows you to take an already built library and use it in your project, as well as share a library with other users of the same repository. Importing a library will only import a description of the library in .xml format, and will not include any of the library's content. Before importing a JavaScript user library, you must first have access to an exported JavaScript user library. For more information see Exporting JavaScript User Libraries.

Important Note:

Before configuring any settings for JavaScript libraries make sure JavaScript support is enabled in your project. Select Configure from the right click menu of you project in your project directory and select Convert to JavaScript Project. If that option does not appear then JavaScript support has already been enabled.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To import a JavaScript user library:

  1. Go to Window | Preferences | JavaScript | Include Path | User Libraries.
    The User Libraries Preferences page opens.

  1. In the JavaScript Libraries Preferences page click Import...
    The "Import User Libraries" dialog will open.

  2. To choose where you would like to import your library from, fill in the "File location:" text field with the URL or click Browse... and select the location.

  3. Select the libraries you would like to import from the options in the "Libraries contained in the selected file:" box, or press Select All or Deselect All.

  4. To apply changes click OK.
    Your library's description in .xml format has now been imported into Zend Studio.

If the library of the user who imports it is stored in the same location on the disk as the user who exported it, Zend Studio will automatically find the libraries content and store it accordingly. If the JavaScript user library is stored in a different place for the two users, the Edit... button allows you to replace the location URL. See Editing JavaScript Libraries for more information.