Importing Libraries

This procedure describes how to import an existing PHP library .zpk file into Zend Studio.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To import a library into Zend Studio:

  1. From the menu-bar, select Window | Preferences | PHP | PHP Libraries.
    In the tool-bar, click the PHP Libraries icon .
    The PHP Libraries preferences dialog is displayed.

  1. Click Import from ZPK.
    The Import PHP Library from ZPK dialog is displayed.

  1. Click Browse, and select the PHP library .zpk file you wish to import.
    The dialog displays the library name and version.

  1. Click Finish.
    The library is imported, and added to the PHP Libraries list.


To use this library in a project, you will need to add in to the project's include path. For more information, see Using Libraries.


You can import and deploy a library .zpk from the Targets view. For more information, see Deploying Libraries from the Targets View.