Workbench Options Preferences

The Workbench Options preferences dialog allows you to configure the default behavior of the workspace during the debugging process.

The Workbench Options Preferences page is accessed from Window | Preferences | PHP | Debug | Workbench Options.

Workbench Options Preferences page

The Workbench Options configuration options are:

  • Allow multiple debug sessions - Select whether to Allow multiple debug sessions to run simultaneously (Always, Never or Prompt).

  • Switch back to PHP perspective when the debug is terminated - Select whether the PHP Perspective will open when the debug is terminated (Always, Never or Prompt).

Workbench Options

  • Open in Browser - Mark the checkbox for the debugged files to be displayed in a browser during debugging.

  • Open PHP Debug Views - Mark the checkbox for PHP Debug Views to be displayed when a debug session is launched.
    By default, a dialog will appear when a debug session is launched asking whether you want to open the Debug Perspective when a debugging session is run. To change this behavior, open the Perspectives Preferences dialog by going to Window | Preferences | Run/Debug | Perspectives and select Always, Never or Prompt in the 'Open the associated perspective when launching' category.