PHP Perspective Menus

Zend Studio's menu bars and toolbars offer a range of useful and easily accessible functionality.


The options available through the menu and toolbars will vary depending on which perspective is currently active.
To configure the menu options for the active perspective, go to Window menu and select Customize Perspective.

The PHP Perspective will by default display the following menu options:

Menu Option



Carries out various functions on active files and folders, as well as organizing current files and creating new items.

The File menu options are:

New, Open File, Close, Close All, Save, Save As, Save All, Revert, Move, Rename, Refresh, Convert Line Delimeters To, Print, Switch Workspace, Import, Export, Properties, Last Viewed Files and Exit.


Normal text editing functionality, as well as features such as tasks and bookmarks which are specifically related to editing code.

The Edit menu options are:

Undo Text Change, Redo Text Change, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select All, Find/Replace, Find Next, Find Previous, Incremental Find Next, Incremental Find Previous, Add Bookmark, Add Task, Show Tooltip Description, Word Completion, Quick Fix and Set Encoding.


Organizes your scripts by adding or removing comments and formatting the script to make it more easily viewable.

The Source menu options are:

Toggle Comment, Add Block Comment, Remove Block Comment, Format Document and Format Active Elements.


Edits names and locations of files and resources while maintaining the links between the files .

The Refactor menu options are:

Organize Imports, Rename and Move.


Navigates through your scripts in order to find relevant resources, information and text.

The Navigate menu options are:

Go Into, Go To, Open Declaration, Open PHP Element, Open Resource, Show In, Next Annotation, Previous Annotation, Last Edit Location, Go to Line, Back and Forward.


Searches for text or PHP elements in your workspace.

The Search menu options are:

Search, File and Text.


Carries out different functions on your projects.

The Project menu options are:

Open Project, Close Project, Build All, Build Project, Build Working Set, Clean, Build Automatically, Generate PHPDoc.., Encode Project , and Properties.


Gets maximum efficiency and  accuracy from your files and projects through analyzing and testing your code using the Debugging , Profiling and Run functionality.

The Run menu options are:

Toggle Breakpoint, Toggle Line Breakpoint, Toggle Method Breakpoint, Toggle Watchpoint, Skip All Breakpoints, Remove All Breakpoints, Run History, Run As, Open Run Dialog, Debug History, Debug As, Open Debug Dialog, Run, Debug, Profile, Profile History, Profile As, Profile, External Tools, Debug URL and Profile URL.


Customizes your workspace display.

The Window menu options are:

New Window, New Editor, Open Perspective, Show View, Customize Perspective, Save Perspective As, Reset Perspective, Close Perspective , Close All Perspectives, Navigation, Working Sets, Web Browser and Preferences.


Gives access to the most updated information on all aspects of Zend Studio , as well as allowing access to software updates and registration locations so that you can get the most out of the product.

The Help menu options are:

Welcome, Help Contents, Search Dynamic Help, Key Assist, Tips and Tricks, Software Updates, Register, Tip of the Day and About Zend Studio.