Migrating Keymaps from Zend Studio 5.X

Zend Studio 5.X keymaps, or collection of command shortcuts, can be easily migrated and applied to Zend Studio  8.x for a seamless transition from Zend Studio 5.X to Zend Studio8.x .

This procedure describes how to apply a Zend Studio 5.X keymap so that Zend Studio 5.X's shortcuts will be available in Zend Studio 8.x.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To apply a Zend Studio 5.X keymap:

  1. Go to Window | Preferences | General | Keys.
    The Keys preferences page will be displayed.

  1. Select Zend Studio from the 'Scheme' drop-down list.

  2. Click Apply.

Zend Studio 5.X's key shortcuts will be applied and available in Zend Studio 8.x.



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