Navigation Submenu

The Navigation submenu is available under Window | Navigation from the Menu Bar.


The options available under the Navigation submenu are:




Show System Menu

Alt + -

Shows the system menu for the active view. This contains options on how the view is displayed (Fast View, Detached, Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize, and Close.)

Show View Menu


Shows the active view's menus, containing functionality for each view.

Quick Access


Gives you quick access to a range of Eclipse options.

Maximize / Minimize Active View or Editor


Toggles between full screen and minimal views.

Activate Editor


Switches to the editor view.

Next / Previous Editor



Switches to the next/previous open editor.

Hold down the Ctrl key and press F6 to scroll between the editors.

This command is similar to the Alt+Tab functionality in Windows.

Switch to Editor...


Opens a dialog displaying all the open editors. Allows you to choose which editors to open, close or save.

Next / Previous View

Ctrl+F7 / Ctrl+Shift+F7

Switches to the next open view.

Hold down the Ctrl key and press F7 / Shift + 7 to scroll between the views.

This command is similar to the Alt+Tab functionality on Windows.

Next Perspective / Previous Perspective

Ctrl+F8 / Ctrl+Shift+F8

Switches to the last / next open Perspective.