New Project Wizards

Zend Studio's new project wizards make creating new projects an easy and simple task, enabling you to develop faster.

The wizards are tailored according to the type of project created but have the same UI based workflow.

New Project Workflow

The New Project workflows include the following stages:

  1. Settings dialog: Here you will define the name of the project, it's location, and source information.

  2. Launch Settings dialog: Here you will define the method of launching and, when opting to include deployment, also the target for deployment.
    For more information on these methods, see Launching an Application and Managing Targets.

  3. Libraries dialog: Here you will select a library to add to your project.


To create a new project in Zend Studio, go to File | New and select which kind of project you wish to create.

New Project Wizards in Zend Studio

The following projects can be created in Zend Studio: