Opening and Editing Zend Guard Projects in Zend Studio

This procedure describes how to open Zend Guard's file in Zend Studio, enabling users to extend Zend Guard with the rich editing features included in Zend Studio. This provides users with a seamless workflow for fixing and modifying code through Zend Guard.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To open a Zend Guard file in Zend Studio:

  1. In Zend Guard, go to Edit | Preferences | Zend IDE.

  2. Enter the path to Zend Studio and click Apply and OK.

  3. Right-click the required file in Guard Explorer view and select "Open with Zend IDE."
    This option will only be available once Zend Studio integration has been configured as described in steps 1 and 2.

  4. Zend Studio will open and the file will be displayed in an editor.
    All of Zend Studio's editing capabilities will now be available to the file.

  5. Once you have made the required edits, click Save on Zend Studio's Menu Bar to save the edits made to the file. Changes will be updated in the file accessible through Zend Guard.