Opening JavaScript Types

The JavaScript Open Type functionality allows you to search for any JavaScript type in your workspace and opens an editor with the type's declaration.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To open a JavaScript Type:

  1. Open the JavaScript Perspective by going to Window | Open Perspective | Other | Javascript.

  2. Click the Open JavaScript Type JavaScript Open Type icon on the toolbar - or - from the menu bar go to Navigate | Open JavaScript type...
    The Open JavaScript Type dialog will open.

  3. Enter the first few letters of the class which you would like to open. (You can also use wildcards such as  * or ?, or camel case.)
    The list of available types will be filtered to match the expression you are entering.


If you have previously opened a Type which matches your expression, this will be displayed first above a separator line.

Open JavaScript Type dialog

  1. Select the required class and click OK.

An editor will open with the required class's declaration.