Opening the Trace Data Source

Opening the source of trace data (execution data) allows you to see the source of the functions inside Zend Studio. This functionality allows you to pinpoint exactly where in the source the event is occurring. You may then edit the source inside of the corresponding local file.

Important Note:

To open the source of trace data you must first Import a Zend Server Event File for which the project already exists locally in your Zend Studio.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

Opening the source of trace data:

  1. To open the Zend Code Tracer perspective go to Window | Open Perspective | Other | Code Tracing.

  2. In the Tracer view go to the Statics per Function tab.
    A list of the functions appears. To see the memory usage of each function mark the "Show memory usage" option in the view.  

  3. Double click on a function.
    The "Open Resource" dialog opens.

Open Resource Dialog

  1. Use the drop down menu in the dialog to:

 You can also use the Open button drop down menu to open the resource in a:

  • PHP editor

  • Text editor

  • System editor

  • In-Place editor

  • Default editor

  • Other - Opens the "Editor Selection" dialog and allows you to choose the editor (either an internal editor or an external program) to open your resource.

Editor Selection Dialog

  1. Select the resource and click Open.
    The source code of the resource opens in an editor view.

The source of the resource is read only. To edit a resource open the local project file in which it is located.