Opening Types/Methods

You can open any method or type in your workspace using the "Open Type" wizard or the "Open Method" wizard.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To open a Type or Method:

  1. From the Menu Bar, go to Navigate | Open Type or Open Method
    -Or- press Ctrl+Shift+T (for a type) or Ctrl+Shift+M (for a method).
    The "Open Type/Method" dialog will appear. If a type/method was previously selected in the editor or outline views, it will be displayed.

  1. Begin typing the string of the required type/method to filter the results.
    You may use wild cards or CamelCase notation (e.g. DTB for DateTextBox).

  2. Select the required type/method from the list and click OK.
    You may restrict the results displayed in the Open Type list to a particular Working Set through the wizard's menu (accessed by clicking the arrow in the top-right corner).

An editor will open on the selected type/method.


The "Open Type" dialog maintains a history of recently opened types. These are shown when the dialog is opened and stay above a separator line when you start to type a filter expression.