PHP 7 Express

The PHP 7 Express helps you get your PHP 5 code ready for migration to PHP 7 by performing a compatibility check on your existing projects and pointing out deprecated expressions and obsolete syntax.

Zend Studio will scan your code and list any compatibility issue identified. You can then open the exact location of the issue in your code and fix it so it runs smoothly on PHP 7.

To use the PHP 7 Express, right-click your PHP 5 project in the PHP Explorer, and select Run PHP 7 Express.


The issues list displays the results of a semantic analysis and does not uncover run-time related issues. For more information on using the PHP 7 Express and other PHP 7 support features, see Getting Started with PHP 7 in Zend Studio.

Quick-Fix Support

To help you migrate your code to PHP 7, Zend Studio also provides support for quick fixes. Quick fixes allow you to open the compatibility issue in your code and automatically apply a fix to the code in question.

For now, the quick fixes are limited to the following issues:


For more information on PHP 7 Support in Zend Studio, see Getting Started with PHP 7 in Zend Studio.