Profiler Information View

The Profiler Information view provides general information about profiling sessions such as: duration, date, number of files constructing the requested URL and more. In addition, a Pie Chart is generated that shows the time division of the files in the URL.

The right side of the view displays time division in a pie chart and the left side provides the following information:

  • URL - The URL analyzed (if applicable)

  • Query - The specific query parameters

  • Path - The location of the first file called

  • Total Request Time - Total processing time for the entire page

  • Number of Files - Number of files processed

  • Date - Date and time that the profiling took place


The Profiler Information View view is displayed by default as part of the Profiling Perspective. To manually open the view, go to Window | Show View | Other | PHP Profiler | Profiling Monitor.