Profiling using Z-Ray

This procedure describes how to profile files using the Z-Ray. This procedure can only be performed for files on a server you have full access to. Z-Ray is a new technology for PHP development and debugging. It gives unprecedented in-context visibility inside PHP applications, showing in real-time exactly what happens to construct each page.


1. Z-Ray comes bundled with Zend Server 7.x. To download Zend Server, go to
2. To enable Zend Studio to profile files located on the server, remote debugging needs to be configured. See Setting Up Remote Debugging for more details.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To profile using Z-Ray:

  1. Make sure Zend Server 7.x is installed and launched, and that Z-Ray is enabled. For more information, see the Zend Server Online Help.
  2. Make sure Zend Studio is open.
  3. Open your browser, and browse to the page from which you would like to start profiling. This page must be located on your Web server.

  4. On Z-Ray, click the Debug/Profile icon to profile the page currently displayed in the browser.
  5. Select Profile current page.
    A Profiling session is initiated and opened in Zend Studio.