Project Menu

The Project menu allows you to carry out different functions on your projects, including open, close, build and encode.


For more information on the build process, see the "Builds" topic in the Workbench User Guide.

The options available from the Project menu are:




Open Project


Opens the currently selected project.

This option is enabled when a closed project is selected.

Close Project


Closes the currently selected project.

Closing a project does not cause it to be deleted from the file system. A closed project will still be displayed in PHP Explorer view with a closed project icon, but its resources are no longer accessible from within the Workbench.

Closing projects takes up less memory and speeds up the build process.

Build All


This command manually invokes an incremental build on all projects in the Workbench.

This is only available if automatic build is not selected (see below).

Build Project


This command manually invokes an incremental build on any resources in the currently selected project that have been affected since the last build.

This is only available if automatic build is not selected (see below).

Build Working Set


Select Working Set - Builds the projects contained in the selected working set.
This is an incremental build, meaning that the builder analyzes the changes since the last time of build and minimizes the number of changed files.



Invokes a clean build. This will discard all previous build results.

Build Automatically


Performs an incremental build whenever resources are saved. Selecting this option will disable all other manual build options.


 The build function can be configured by selecting General | Workspace from the preferences dialog (Windows | Preferences).

Encode Project


Encodes the selected project using Zend Guard.

This option will be enabled once Zend Guard is installed and configured in Zend Studio.

Zend Guard integration can be configured through the Zend Guard preferences dialog, accessed from Window | Preferences | PHP | Zend Guard.

Zend Tool


Opens the Zend Tool Floating Window for executing Zend Tool commands. See Using the Zend Tool Console more information.



Opens the project's properties dialog which allows you to view and configure various settings for the project, including resource information, Builders, Code Analyzer Properties, Formatter, Includes Mapping, PHP Debug, PHP Include Path, PHP Interpreter, PHP Java Bridge, PHP Task Tags, Project References, Run/Debug Settings, Task Tags and Validation.

See PHP Project Properties for more information on all the properties available for a PHP project.