Real Time Error Detection

Zend Studio automatically highlights errors and problems in your PHP script.

Errors and warnings will be displayed in the Problems view, accessed from Window | Show View | Other | General | Problems.

In addition, error icons and warning icons will be displayed in the vertical marker bar to the left of the editor window, as well as next to the relevant project in PHP Explorer view (these will be indicated in the PHP project/file icons - e.g. ).


All warnings, errors and problems in open projects will be logged in the Problems view, which displays the following information:

  • Description - A detailed description of the error.

  • Resource - The name of the resource containing the problem.

  • Path - The name of the Project containing the resource.

  • Location - The line number(s) of the error within the file.

  • Type - The Type of error occurring.

Problems View

The Problems view groups problems according to Errors, Warnings or Info.

Double-clicking on an error in the Problems view will take you to the relevant location in the Editor.

If a problem is decorated with a lightbulb icon then there are quick fixes available. See Applying Quick Fixes for more information on applying quick fixes.