Resource Properties

The Resource Properties page displays information about your project and allows you to set the project's text file encoding and line delimiters.

To access the Resource Properties page, right-click a PHP project in PHP Explorer view and select Properties | Resource -or- select the project and from the menu bar go to Project | Properties | Resource.

Resource Properties

The following information is displayed in the Resource Properties page:

  • Path: For PHP Projects, this will be the project's name. If a file inside a project was selected, this would display the file's location within the project.

  • Type: For PHP Projects, this will be 'Project'.

  • Location: The project's location on the file system.

Configuring PHP Project Resource Properties



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To configure PHP project resource properties:

  1. Select options for:

  • Text File encoding:
    By default, this will be inherited from the container (this will be determined according to your local settings).
    If your text files use a different encoding scheme (because, for example, they originated from an external source), you can change the encoding by selecting the 'Other' option and choosing the required encoding from the drop-down list.

  • New text file line delimiter:
    This will define the line delimiter for new text files. Select to inherit from container or select 'Other' and choose the required option from the drop-down list.


These settings can be configured for all newly created projects through the Workspace preferences page (Window | Preferences | General | Workspace).

  1. Click Apply to apply your settings.




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