Run Menu

The Run menu allows you to get maximum efficiency and accuracy from your files and projects through analyzing and testing your code using the Debugging , Profiling and Run functions.


Running a file or application will display the output in the Browser and Debug Output views, as well as displaying any error or warning messages in the console view.


Debugging a file or application allows you to view the output and any error notices, as well as information about various elements, at various stages while the file is run. For more information on Debugging, see Debugging Files and Applications.


Profiling a file or application allows you to detect bottlenecks in scripts by locating problematic sections of code.

For more information on Profiling, see Profiling Files and Applications .


The options available from the Run menu are:






Launches the last Run configuration run.



Launches the last Debug session run.



Launches the last Profile session run.

Profile As


Lets you choose from profiling: PHP CLI Application, PHP Web Application, PHPUnit Test.

For more on these options, see Profiling.

Profile History


Displays a list of Profile configurations so that they can be used for profiling.

Profile Configurations...


Launches the Profile dialog to create / edit Profiling configurations.

Run History


Displays and allows access to a list of previously launched Run configurations.

Run As


Lets you choose from running: PHP CLI Application, PHP Web Application, PHPUnit Test.

Run Configurations...


Launches the Run dialog to create / edit Run configurations.

Debug History


Displays a list of Debug configurations so that they can be used for debugging.

Debug As


Lets you choose from debugging: PHP CLI Application, PHP Web Application, PHPUnit Test.

For more on these options, see Debugging.

Debug Configurations...


Launches the Debug dialog to create /edit debugging configurations.

Toggle Breakpoint


Adds / removes breakpoints from your script.

Breakpoints are used to stop the debugging process at certain key places throughout your code.

Toggle Line Breakpoint


Adds / removes line breakpoints from your script.


Toggle Method Breakpoint


Adds / removes method breakpoints from your script.

Method breakpoints are used to add conditions to breakpoints.

Toggle Watchpoint


Adds / removes a field watchpoint for the current selected variable in the Expressions View.

Skip All Breakpoints


Temporarily removes all breakpoints from your script so that the debugging process will not stop at them.

Select this option again to return all breakpoints to the script.

Remove All Breakpoints


Removes all breakpoints from the current active file.

Breakpoint Types


Displays all breakpoint types in the current active file.

Profile URL


Launches a Profile session for a specified URL.



Uses the Expressions view to show the result of inspecting the selected expression or variable in the context of a stack frame or variable in that thread.



Used to create a watch item. A watch item is an expression in the Expressions view whose value is updated as you debug.

External Tools


Run As

If applicable, allows you to run the file using External tools.

External Tools Configuration...

Opens the configuration dialog for running a file using external tools.

Organize Favorites

Opens a dialog allowing you to organize your external tools.

See the External Tools topic in the Workbench User Guide for more information.