Support Tool

Zend Studio's Support Tool optimizes your interaction with the Zend Support team by helping you create and send a more accurate picture of your Zend Studio working environment. Using the Support Tool, you will be creating a Support file containing information that will help the Zend Support team understand your circumstances and the prescribed resolution.

Support File

The Support File is a ZIP package and it includes a 'Studio.txt' and log files.

How do I create a Support file?

Studio.txt File

This file is a summary of your working environment and workspace, and includes the following information:

  • The time and date the file was generated

  • A list of  the included log files

  • The full Studio version number

  • The machine OS and architecture

  • The workspace location

  • The projects currently in the workspace and their locations

Log Files

Log files are copied from the 'ZendStudio/configuration' and 'workspace/.metadata' directories, if they exist.