Test Service View

The Test Service View allows you to test services defined in an Apigility project.

To manually open the Test Service View, go to Window | Show View | Test Service View.


  • The URL in the Test Service View is updated interactively according to the selected service in the Apigility editor.


  • URL - The URL of the service to be tested (composed of target/application name/service name)
  • Test - Click to send request and test service.
  • Cancel - Click to stop the request.
  • Request Parameters table - Includes all defined request parameters for service.
  • Method - Type of HTTP method to be tested (GET, POST, OPTIONS, HEAD, PUT, DELETE, TRACE).
  • Authentication required - Select this check-box to enter authentication credentials to test authentication.
  • Request Header window - Displays the header of the service request.
  • Request Body window - Displays the body of the service request (e.g., request parameters).
  • Response window - Displays the server response details.