Using the Zend Tool Floating Window

Zend Studio provides you with the ability to execute Zend_Tool commands from within Zend Studio using the Zend Tool Floating Window. This replicates entering a command in your CLI (command line interface).

The Zend_Tool Initiative allows PHP programmers to program according to Rapid Application Development principles.


You must have Zend Framework version 1.8 or above installed and configured in your php.ini file for Zend_Tool commands to function.
The latest version of Zend Framework comes bundled with Zend Server or can be downloaded from the Zend Framework site at



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To execute a Zend_Tool command:

  1. In PHP Explorer view, select a Zend Framework project.

  2. Press Ctrl+2
    Go to Project |  Zend Tool.
    The Zend Tool Floating Window is displayed.


  1. Enter the required command.


The Zend_Tool currently supports a limited number of functions.

The content assist list displays possible options as you type.

  1. Press Enter.
    The command will be executed and details will be displayed in the Zend Tool Console view.

See Zend Framework Preferences for information on customizing the output displayed in the Zend Tool Console.