Creating Zend Framework Projects

Zend Framework Projects are PHP projects which contain Zend Framework's libraries in their include path and which are organized into Framework's Controller-Model- View format. Zend Framework projects are based on the Zend Tool, ensuring your projects comply with the latest Zend Framework standards and allow for Rapid Application Development .

Visit for more on Zend Framework or for the Zend Framework Reference manual.

This procedure demonstrates how to create a new PHP project with Zend Framework.

Important Note:

You must have Zend Framework version 1.8 installed on your machine to be able to create Zend Framework projects.
Zend Framework comes bundled with Zend Server or can be downloaded from the Zend Framework site at .



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To create a new PHP project with Zend Framework:

  1. Go to File | New | Local PHP Project -or- right-click in PHP Explorer view and select File | New | Local PHP Project.
    The Create a New Local PHP Project dialog is displayed.

  1. Enter the project name.

  2. Select the location for your new project.
  3. For content, select Zend Framework.


  1. By default, Zend Framework 2.0.3 is selected, but you can select other versions of Zend Framework to work with.
    In the Zend Framework Version drop-down list, select Other.
    The Add New Zend Framework Library dialog is displayed.

  1. Enter or browse to the Zend Framework library location on your machine or select Get latest version(1.12.0).
  2. Click OK.
    If you have selected to get the latest Zend Framework version, you will be prompted to approve the download. Click OK to download.
  1. Back in the Create a New Local PHP Project dialog, click Finish.
    Your new PHP Project is created with Zend Framework. It will be represented by a Zend Framework icon in the PHP Explorer view.

You can now start to add your own Model, View and Controller files. See Creating Zend Framework Elements for more information.