Variables View [PHP Debug Perspective]

The Variables view displays information about the variables associated with the stack frame selected in the Debug View.

Selecting a variable will display details in the detail pane below the view. Expanding the list under a variable will display its fields. Icons are displayed besides the variable and its fields reflecting their nature (e.g. local vs. global). Changes are marked by highlighting the variable.


Variables View


Right-click a variable and select Watch or Create Watch Expression to add the variable to the Expressions view.

Toolbar Commands




Show Type Names

If selected, type names will be displayed.

Show Logical Structure

Shows the logical structure.

Collapse All

Collapses the list.


Menu Commands

The view's menu can be accessed through the view menu icon .





Defines the view's layout:

  • Vertical View Orientation - The details pane will be displayed at the bottom of the Variables view.

  • Horizontal View Orientation - The details pane will be displayed to the right of the Variables view.

  • Variables View Only - Only the Variables view will be displayed.

  • Show columns - Divide the view into columns.

  • Set Columns - Only available if "Show columns" is selected. Allows you to choose which of the following columns to display:

    • Name

    • Declared Type

    • Value

    • Actual Type


The Variables View is displayed by default as part of the Debug Perspective. To manually open the view, go to Window | Show View | Other | Debug | Variables.

Variable Icons



Array member

Local variable

Private field

Protected field

Superglobal variable

Public field/ $this object

Class (virtual element for grouping variables while in a class static context)

Array partition (virtual element for grouping large sets of array members. For Zend Debugger it is added if size of an array exceeds 100, for XDebug it is defined by 'Max children' property in the XDebug configuration)

Indicates static field. Applies to private, protected and public field (displayed in right-top corner of corresponding icon)