Working with Code Tracing

Zend Server Code Tracing captures full execution data (trace data) of PHP applications in real time. The execution data includes function call trees, arguments and return values, function execution duration, memory usage and indication for an executed files name and line of code. This enables you to capture problems when they occur, which eliminates the need to set up environments and reproduce the steps that led up to the failure.

Integrating Code Tracing into Zend Studio allows you to open the source of the execution data inside your environment. This feature is useful in resolving performance issues, memory usage issues, and functional errors that occur in a production environment. Using Code Tracing you can import a Zend Server code tracing file, and view the execution data which it contains in an editor.

Code Tracing uses the Code Tracing Perspective to allow you to view the trace data within your environment.


The Code Tracing feature allows you to do the following: